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CMI is located in Xinchang, Zhejiang Province of China. The main business of the company is to supply the high quality bearings and its components/accessories to the global bearing market including the customers such as FIAT, SKF and NSK, etc.. The company possesses the first-class machining and measuring equipments with the capacity covering forging, turning, grinding and assembly. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality control system. The company works initiatively/creatively and serves the customers with a "progressive quality improving" strategy.

西密克轴承公司(展望机械)位于浙江省新昌县,主要向欧美OEM及遍布世界各地的轴承制造商提供高品质的轴承及其零配件, 其中包括FIAT,SKF和NSK等业界的领袖企业。公司从锻造,车削,磨削到装配加工,均拥有一流的加工和检测设备,以ISO/TS16949:2009质量体系为保证,不断自主创新,以“永不停止的进行质量改进,以质取胜”为质量方针,服务于客户。