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Forklift & Mast Guide Bearings

  We are specialized in producing mast guide bearings, forklift mast bearings include chain guide bearings, side roller bearings and compound idler bearings. There are single & double row ball bearings, single & double row cylindrical roller bearings, and full-complement ball & cylindrical roller bearings. The specialized bearings have the performance of large load rating and compactness.


  我们专业生产链轮,侧向滚轮、复合滚轮等导轨、叉车专用轴承,包括 单列、双列球轴承,单列、双列滚子轴承以及满球结构、满滚子结构轴 承等。这些专用轴承具有载荷大、结构紧凑等特点。