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Spherical Roller Bearings

Symmetrical spherical roller bearing is a kind of bearing with double raceways of inner ring and spherical raceway of outer ring, and the barrel shaped rollers was assembled between them. Spherical roller bearing has double-row rollers, that mainly take the radial load, it also can take the axial load at the same time. This kind of bearing is specially suitable to work in the heavy load and shaking load condition for the radial load capacity. But is can not take the pure axial load. The bearing has better symmetrical capacity, that can compensate the error of coaxiality for the spherical raceway.


球面滚子轴承是在有二条滚道的内圈和滚道为球面的外圈之间,组装着鼓形滚子的轴承。 球面滚子轴承具有两列滚子,主要承受径向方向,同时也能承受任一方向的轴向载荷。有高的径向载荷能力,特别适用于重载或振动载荷下工作,但不能承受纯轴向载荷。该类轴承外圈滚道是球面形,故其调心性能良好,能补偿同轴度误差。